Dry Ice Production Machines & Dry Ice Containers - CIP 5 SERIES



The CIP 5 pelletiser offers a versatile and economical solution for producing your own high density dry ice

The CRYONOMIC® hydraulic pelletiser with a silent motor, fed by liquid CO2 from a pressurised tank, turns the liquid into CO2 snow, which is then compressed to form solid pellets.

The pelletiser allows to produce pellets in various sizes, according to the application: 3 mm for dry ice cleaning purposes, 10 or 16 mm for cooling and other applications. Switching from pellets/sticks can be done in a few minutes.

Thanks to the position and length of the pellet outlet, the CIP 5 enables the use of a wide variety of dry ice containers.


The CIP 5 pelletisers exist in 4 types:

• CIP 5XS: production capacity up to 35 kg/h

• CIP 5S: production capacity up to 80 kg/h

• CIP 5M: production capacity up to 160 kg/h

• CIP 5L: production capacity up to 300 kg/h


Applications of dry ice pellets:

Dry ice cleaning, cooled transport, catering industry, transport of medical goods, declamping of metal parts, smoke generation, carbonic maceration, process cooling, pest control, cloud making, ...