Dry Ice Production Machines & Dry Ice Containers - DIR Dry Ice Repackers


DIR-500 Dry Ice Repacker

Dry ice refilling system for (re)filling boxes with small amounts
of dry ice pellets, sticks and nuggets (up to 16 mm).

  • Hydraulic driven rotating device, manually operated
  • possible to adjust to your existing containers
  • Hydraulic lift and tilt movement
  • Manually filling with a fixed speed
  • Steel welded and paint coated frame
  • Built-in scale with display
  • Support for the scale
  • Shielding doors equipped with safety contacts
  • Delivered with manual and CE certificate


  • automatic filling with variable weight per package
  • Scale with detector to stop at the pre-selected weight
  • Filling with variable speed
  • PLC control with touch screen (pre-programmed keys for variable weights)
  • Roller conveyor

Additional options

  • Fully automatic filling system, including the supply of empty boxes and removal of full boxes
  • Additional electrically driven roller conveyors