Dry Ice Blasters - One-Hose Blasters - COB


COB blaster Characteristics

The CRYONOMIC® COB series is a single hose dry ice blaster.

Its new and unique concept results in:

• low air consumption

• powerful cleaning performance

• ergonomic design - light & easy manipulation

• Best price/performance ratio on the market


An ultra light, easy-to-handle gun, the MG 1004, has been designed specially for this series.

The COB series complete the CRYONOMIC® range of blasting equipment.

Specific application areas are:

• high performance cleaning with low air consumption

• focalised cleaning


The COB series consists of 4 types of robust single hose blaster:

• the compact COB 62 and COB 62 plus blasters

• the larger COB 71 and COB 71R blasters



The COB series dry ice blasters are standard delivered with:

• Ergonomic blast gun MG1004

• Hose set consisting of:

     - heavy duty blast hose with quick coupling and stainless steel earthing

     - one control cable (for start/stop and gun light!)

     - protecting sleeve

• Dry ice or air-only blasting option

• Hour counter

• Safety soft start

• Start safety protocol


Intuitive control panel:

• Emergency stop and ON/OFF buttons

• Robust industrial grade single touch control buttons :

     - dry Ice feed rate: LED-indicated (COB 62(plus)) or digital indication (COB

     - gun light: 0-5-10 LEDS

     - abrasive module selector (LED-indicated) on COB 62plus and COB 71(R)

• Blast pressure regulator and manometer

• Remote control activator on COB 71R


Fast and easy connections:

• Quick coupling for blasthose

• One multifunctional control cable to gun

• Power cable

• Connection for optional earth cable

• Compressed air inlet

• Abrasive Module connection on COB 62plus and COB 71(R)


Ergonomic, safe and lightweight MG1004 gun

• Quick-fit nozzles changed within seconds: no tools required

• Nozzles can be turned in any desired position during operation

• Equipped to plug-in the CRYONOMIC® gun light

• Integrated safety catch: avoids undesired blast activation (legally imposed for CE)

• The control cable plugs directly into the gun! No more annoying dangling

connectors at the gun

• Ergonomic shockproof thermoplastic handle


The CRYONOMIC gun light

• Clear white spot on the object

• Plug-in gun light (no additional cable)

• Adjustable intensity: to avoid surface reflection

• Allows fast nozzle switching: without gun light removal

• Integrated protective slide keeps the gun light connector clean and protected


Guns & Nozzles for COB Blasters

Variety of CRYONOMIC® NT- nozzles:

• High performance nozzles for any circumstances

• Changed within second: no tools required

• Models : Round, flat, angled, custom made

• Length : from 55 mm up to 1 m and more

• Available in stainless steel, aluminium or thermoplastic

• Special low air consumption nozzles (< 1m³/min up to 4 bar)


Compact CRYONOMIC® ‘All-in-one' nozzle and accessory box

• Contains:

     - Commonly used round, flat and angled nozzles

     - Crusher

     - Empty space to store blastgun, gun light and second crusher

     - Optional spare parts set


Pellet crusher

• Crushes dry ice pellets for cleaning delicate surfaces and objects

• Easy to mount at machine and/or gun (in a matter of seconds with quick coupling)

• Nozzle-independent :

     - can be used with every nozzle

     - nozzle does not have to be exchanged or removed


Electrically isolated blastgun MG1006

• To clean live (low- to mid-voltage) equipment

• Full plastic isolated blastgun for applications where non-conductive tooling is a safety requirement


The Abrasive Module:

• Combines benefits of dry ice and abrasive blasting

• Allows to mix a controlled quantity of abrasive granulate in the dry ice flow

• Ecological : reduces significantly the abrasive granulate requirements

compared to conventional abrasive blasting (less secondary waste, less clean-up)


The system consists of:

• stainless steel module easily mountable at the front of the machine

• additional abrasive granulate hose

• a special abrasion resistant nozzle for standard gun


Some applications:

• rust removal, paint stripping,...

• stubborn material removal

• surface roughening before painting,coating,...


We can offer different kinds of abrasive granulate going from fine to rough depending on the required abrasive effect (from 0.1 mm to 2 mm).