Dry ice cleaning solutions and dry ice production equipment

For over 20 years, CRYONOMIC® (manufactured by Artimpex nv) is one of the leading brands in dry ice blasters and dry ice production machines for professional and industrial purposes. 

Dry ice cleaning is unique because it allows to clean without leaving any other waste: the blasted dry ice pellets disappear 100% after use!


Discover how almost 20 years of experience and a worldwide network meets your needs for Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment.


The CIP 5 Series pelletisers offer a versatile and economical solution for producing 40 up to 300kg of high density dry ice per hour. The CIP-5 Series can be delivered with different extrusion dies: 2, 3, 10 or 16mm.

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For any question about applications or machines in Australia feel free to contact:

  • Tim Fraatz for the Melbourne Area, tel. 0409 221 781
  • Gary Ramsey for South Australia, tel. 0414 840 362
  • Richard Denmead for Sydney and the rest of Australia, tel. 0413 379 423 (head office CRYONOMIC AUSTRALIA)