Robot de limpieza automática de moldes de neumáticos en la Tire Technology Expo de Hannover

Estamos presentes en la Tire Technology Expo en Hannover, Alemania (18-19-20 de mayo). La Tire Technology Expo es la exposición de tecnología de fabricación de neumáticos más importante de Europa y tendrá lugar por 22ª vez.

Nos gustaría aprovechar la oportunidad para invitarle a nuestro stand (Hall 20, stand número 6030).¡Expondremos el último robot de limpieza automática de moldes de neumáticos que consiste en un robot ABB con una máquina de limpieza criogénica COB71AR!

¡Esperamos conocerle en nuestro stand! Por favor contáctenos si desea hacer una cita.


Imagen: molde de neumático parcialmente limpiado con hielo seco


CRYONOMIC se complace en anunciar un nuevo distribuidor en el sureste de los Estados Unidos

Dry Ice Clean USA

Dry Ice Clean USA will be a sales & support center for presale and post-sales support and maintenance for CRYONOMIC dry ice blasters, dry ice fabrication machines, dry ice containers and parts. As a distributor, Dry Ice Clean USA will perform demonstrations of CRYONOMIC products and technologies that will expedite processes, reduce costs and augment productivity and green efforts for our clients. We welcome Dry Ice Clean USA to the CRYONOMIC family.

Worldwide network

The CRYONOMIC cleaning technique was developed in Belgium and is used throughout the world. With a worldwide team presence of 60 strong CRYONOMIC is your source for all dry ice solutions. Dry Ice Clean USA recently became our local partner and distributor for the South-East US (Florida, Georgia and Alabama), so now it is possible to guarantee a local presale & post-sales service and support to any of our customers in the South-East Area. CRYONOMIC distributors and agents are experienced & trained professionals who can advise customers on the CRYONOMIC products, assist in expediting processes and recommend best practices.

More information:


CRYONOMIC película de animación máquinas de limpieza criogénica para la limpieza industrial

La limpieza criogénica es una técnica de limpieza eficaz y respetuosa con el medio ambiente que utiliza gránulos de hielo seco. La técnica se puede utilizar en todo tipo de entornos de producción. En la película de animación, aprenderá más sobre la limpieza con hielo seco y sus ventajas en comparación con los métodos de limpieza clásicos.

Haga clic en el enlace de abajo para ver el clip:


Contenedores de hielo seco CRYONOMIC para el almacenamiento y transporte de vacunas COVID-19

Nuestros contenedores de hielo seco CRYONOMIC® están diseñados para el transporte y almacenamiento de hielo seco. Debido a sus excelentes características de aislación, también son ideales para el transporte refrigerado de vacunas COVID-19 con hielo seco. Al ser un fabricante de máquinas, podemos modificar fácilmente estos contenedores para satisfacer las necesidades específicas para el transporte de vacunas. Estos contenedores personalizados ya se utilizan en diferentes plantas de producción de vacunas.

Elija el contenedor de hielo seco CRYONOMIC® aislado lo más adecuado:

Copyright imagen: VRT News


CRYONOMIC en los medios con sus máquinas de producción de hielo seco para el transporte de la vacuna COVID-19

Las campañas de vacunación contra Covid-19, que se encuentran en fase de puesta en marcha, prometen ser inmensos desafíos logísticos. La vacuna se almacena preferiblemente a temperaturas negativas. El hielo seco es el producto por excelencia para el almacenamiento y transporte de esta vacuna. CRYONOMIC hace máquinas para la producción de hielo seco y contenedores para transportar el hielo seco.

Esto fue recogido por varios servicios de prensa. Las últimas semanas hemos tenido el placer de compartir nuestra historia a través de diferentes canales alrededor del mundo desde China hasta Argentina. Nuestra historia ahora se transmite en una treintena de canales, incluidos PressTV, TV5MONDE, VRT, RTBF, Euronews ...

Reuters hizo el siguiente hermoso reportaje de prensa:

Puedes ver los diferentes reportajes de prensa en nuestro Canal de Youtube.

Contáctenos para más información sobre nuestras máquinas y contenedores de producción de hielo seco o consulte la siguiente página: Máquinas de producción de hielo seco CRYONOMIC® para transporte refrigerado Vacuna COVID-19


Nuevos contenedores CIC

¡Los nuevos contenedores CIC ya están en stock! Hay cuatro modelos: CIC85, CIC151, CIC370 y CIC550 ¡Consulte el folleto para obtener más información sobre su diseño y aislamiento mejorado y sus nuevas características! O contáctenos para más información en


El coronavirus nos afecta a todos, pero ...

... nos gustaría informarle que los tiempos de entrega de nuestras máquinas criogénicas no se ven afectados por el coronavirus ni por las medidas tomadas por el gobierno belga. Múltiples máquinas de limpieza de hielo seco y contenedores de hielo seco están en stock.

¡Seguimos disponibles para más preguntas!

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This year CRYONOMIC® is also present at the Parts2Clean exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.
As a manufacturer of dry ice blasting machines and dry ice production machines, we cannot miss this international trade fair.

The CRYONOMIC® dry ice blasting machines have been developed for cleaning parts, buildings, machines, ... CRYONOMIC dry ice production machines make dry ice pellets for cleaning and sticks for cooling applications.

We are launching the new series of CIC dry ice containers (CRYONOMIC Insulated Containers), models 151,370 and 550.

  • When? October 22-24, 2019
  • Where can you meet us? Hall 7 - booth E22
  • Tickets? send us an email at and we will be pleased to send you an entrance ticket

The CRYONOMIC team from Germany and HQ will be delighted to welcome you!


New product videos and company movie

Are you curious to have a look around in the CRYONOMIC® offices or production hall? Then take a look at our company page for our new company movie. In addition, we also have revised product videos available from the dry ice production machines, CIP-5 series. These offer you information about the different diameters of dry ice pellets that can be produced: 3 mm, 10 mm and 16 mm. Every dry ice production machine, regardless of the number of kg that this machine can produce, can produce different pellet diameters. However, it is the number of kilograms of dry ice per hour or per week that you need that determines which machine you need. Send us this information via the contact form and we will gladly send you more information or a personalized quotation for the pelletiser.


CRYONOMIC® dry ice blasting machines goes overseas !

Since several years, CRYONOMIC® dry ice blasting machines are used in New Caledonia for paint stripping boats and renovation houses. Recently the interest increased with the result that the CRYONOMIC® cleaning technique will now also be used for turbine cleaning in this country. Turbine cleaning with dry ice pellets is done in many other countries with repeatedly successful results. The CRYONOMIC® patented technology offers a significantly faster and more efficient method compared to any other cleaning system. 

Save money ! Thanks to the patented technology & CRYONOMIC® knowhow, the machines consume less dry ice compared to other machines in the market: 10.000 EUR a year can be saved if someone consume for example 800 kg dry ice a week.

Contact us for more information on dry ice blasting or turbine cleaning or a demonstration on site.


CRYONOMIC® will be present on the Industrial Maintenance fair 2019 in Malmö !

February 6th and 7th– booth F29

This Industrial Maintenance fair is the obvious meeting place for anyone who needs maintenance solutions. CRYONOMIC® could not be unpresented at this fair with all its experience in dry ice cleaning equipment. As a manufacturer of these dry ice blasters, we can inform you about the possibilities to reduce your cleaning time in an (eco)logical way!

CRYONOMIC® has a worldwide network with dealers, but Sweden is missing in our distributor network. Should you be interested in becoming our reseller, please let us know as soon as possible. We would be glad to learn about your company's activities and to discuss a possible future co-operation.

You are warmly welcome to visit our booth for a nice talk and meeting with our experienced Sales team!

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Launch new website!

Welcome on the brand new website of CRYONOMIC®. We have refreshed the site with updated and extra content concerning our dry ice blasting equipment, dry ice production machines and dry ice containers! With new pictures, extra clips and a lot of detailed information, CRYONOMIC® will be pleased to inform you in the most efficient way!

With our new website, we gladly take you into the story of CRYONOMIC® and familiarise you with our products.

Our goal is to be your first choice!

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information you might need,


Expanding offices and production hall

CRYONOMIC® announces with great pleasure the opening of our new production hall and offices. We have increased our production facilities especially to give our technicians more space to manufacture extra stock, boost the R&D department and to create extra workstations. As a consequence additional staff have joined our team in Production and in Sales.


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